We use high-end, industrial standard, state of the art machinery and equipment.


Deep vacuum extracts dust, pollen and other pollutants from deep within carpets and furniture. The dry foam deals with stains, and dirt.

We use high-end Kirby machinery, together with specialised fittings, auxiliaries and foam cleansers.

Pets hair is not a choice. If you don’t like the hair, don’t keep pets. But most people love their animals and their hair must be cleaned off from deep within furniture and carpets

Body lice are common in children. We get rid of them by bathing, but that does not stop lice getting into furniture and carpets, and especially beds.

Houses and offices are full of rubbish, no matter how many bins you may have. The biggest culprit is fast foods packets, crumbs, and food left-overs. you can try brushing them off, but they are deep inside.

People shed their hair all the time. It floats off and sticks between the cracks. Do you know that we shed half a cup of skin every day?

Dust and pollen are just a few of the allergens that bring ill-health. Allergens include scraps from nuts, shellfish, and a wide variety of tiny insects

Flies carry disease. They lay their eggs in rubbish and pick up, and carry whatever is in the rubbish. They leave infectious debris behind wherever they go. The only solution is a regular deep clean.

Cockroaches and other crawling insects leave behind their droppings. These cannot be seen with the naked eye. Deep clean gets right down to where it hides

Mud is always a menace, especially in the rainy season. If it is not removed often, it causes permanent damage to fabrics

Pollen gets into the home and office all year, causing sinusitis and respiratory complaints