No Nonsense Pitching

There's a lot of nonsense in pitching. There are people who want it to look more difficult and mysterious than it really is, and then there are those who say it's complicated because they don't understand how simple it is.
The whole process of Pitching is easy when you realise that the key constituency is the audience and no-one else.
No Nonsense Pitching takes a new and sensible approach to pitching. It puts each element in its right place, and looks at it as a logical step by step approach that focuses on the end - the audience.

Advertiser Funded Programming

It always sounds too good to be true: The broadcaster gets free programming, the advertiser pays for the production of the programme, and in return, the advertiser can get naming rights, product placement - and a whole variety of things that fall under the new name of "Native Advertising".
But is it such a good deal? There are many problems, not least is audience resistance to the use of their programmes for advertising. As is always is with something that is too good to be true, it's often too good to be true.

Subtitling - what it is and how to do it

Subtitling is everywhere. Channel heads assume that it brings in a wider audience, but don't measure it. They also think it helps the hearing impaired audience, but cannot measure it.
However, most of the time, they are unnecessary as no one reads them, because they cannot.
If they are not too small, then they are too quick.
If they are not a lengthy and tedious transcription, then they interpret incorrectly.
But subtitling is quite simple. The size of the font is simple commonsense and a little maths. The duration on the screen is based on physiology.
All of these are explained in this handy manual

The Art of Co-Production

Co-production is traditionally the best way to spread risk in large productions. But the principles are now being applied and evolved in a wide range of digital distribution deals.
This booklet written by Howard Thomas, and sponsored by the SABC gives you a tour of the basics

Educational Television

Educational TV requires an extra person in addition to the usual suspects. It requires and educationalist. This simple booklet by Howard Thomas gives you an overview of the educational theory that has to be integrated into television production.
It applies equally to broadcast, streamed and VOD.

Seven Day Trainer

In media training (journalism, film, TV, radio and social media) it is common to have subject matter experts conduct the training.
This is a problem for the subject matter expert as they don't know how to train, to use the materials of the curriculum, and meet the strict demands for formative assessment.
The Seven Day Trainer remedies all this in just seven days.
It covers all you need to know about adult education and learning. OBET teaching and assessment, and quality control

The Art of Sourcing Content

This booklet, sponsored by the SABC and written by Howard Thomas gives a composite overview of the processes and skills need to source content for broadcast TV

Evaluating Content

Once a piece of content (a programme, YouTube clip, item for streaming) is made available and viewed, the work has only just started. The reception, the number of viewers, the feelings and satisfaction of those viewers and users, must be measured.
How else do we improve, but, to learn from the lessons of the past in Evaluation?
This short booklet has technologies and techniques that are still timeless. Every programme on each medium has to be evaluated in a  different way, so these are just some of the many tips.

The Engine of TV

This is a unique overview of how television works, from all points of view - management, advertisers, content producers and the audience.
Compact, logical and simple - it is an easy read

Broadcast Management

Some say that broadcast management is easy to understand, because it's no more than a factory. Others say that it has the same model as any form of media.
This simple book shows that it is simple, because it's a business model derived simply from an emotional bond with the audience. The text is a composite precis of lectures delivered by Howard Thomas in educational institutions all over Africa.

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