Education and Training in the Age of 4IR

The “virtual classroom” is a collection of software applications that manage all aspects of training and education, including:

  • Course design
  • Alignment to accreditation
  • Course materials
  • Live classroom sessions
  • Private and small group tutoring
  • Formative and summative assessment
  • Evaluation
  • Accounts and budgets
  • Learner Management System (LMS)

It a complete turnkey solution that manages and delivers training programmes from anywhere and to anywhere in the world. Each course, or learnership, can be conducted within an organisation. The software holds all learner details, tracks their class attendance and performance, manages assessment and records progress.

The learning can come from:

  • A live trainer, who can operate from anywhere through a laptop.
  • Video, slides, documents, drawings, demonstrations, seminars, webinars and meetings

The learning can be delivered to:

  • A single person who has a laptop(or good smartphone), who can join the course from anywhere
  • A class of up to about 25 people, who can be in one room, or each one on their own, anywhere.
  • All interventions are configured on the software to accommodate all permutation.

COVID forced the world to do what many had reluctantly observed, but the systems have been in place for years. It did not take a small nudge for South Africa to move, it took a full-blown crisis. Changed was forced on education and training, and luckily, the technology and systems had been there all the time.